January 18, 2024

Potential of AI in Personalized Mathematics Education

How can AI help with personalizing mathematics education? This was a study I did during the fall of 2023 in conjunction with the course Student Conference at UmeƄ University. The study aimed to investigate the potential of AI as an assisting tool for mathematics teaching. The study included a survey with 60 mathematics teachers at secondary and upper secondary education levels in Sweden.

Abstract of the paper:

This study explores the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in personalized mathematics education for secondary and upper secondary levels (years 7-12) in Sweden. By examining teachers’ current practices, their perception of AI, and thoughts about AI’s potential in the classroom through a survey together with research on current AI models, this paper investigates the possibilities of this incorporation. Preliminary findings highlight that there is an interest in AI as an educational tool. Teachers primarily believe in AI’s ability to tailor practice content to individual student levels as well as providing instant feedback and targeted tips for mathematical skill development. However, concerns persist about the flexibility of recent AI models in addressing diverse student needs and understanding them on a personal level, including their background and emotional needs. Therefore, this study concluded that there is an interest and belief from teachers that AI can be of assistance in the classroom, but there are still question marks around the exact competence of the current, popular AI models when it comes to flexibility in working with students. These insights contribute to the conversation on AI’s role in classrooms, particularly in enriching personalized learning for mathematics students.

If you’re interested in reading more, you can download the full paper down below.